A manufacturer of hotel, office and home furniture

We design and manufacture modern furniture with character and attractive design, dedicated to various types of applications. We make typical furniture and furniture made according to our own and entrusted projects. When designing, in addition to an aesthetic, attractive appearance, we pay special attention to the maximum use of space and full satisfaction of our customers’ expectations.

The first group of solutions is furniture for offices. We implement repetitive series and dedicated individual projects. Our experienced specialists in the field of design, arrangement, selection of materials and furniture ensure that the process of creating your workplace is fast and effective, and the end result delighted you, your employees and customers.

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The second group is furniture for the HoReCa industries, i.e. hotel furniture and furniture for restaurants. Each of our projects is treated individually and our productions are analyzed in detail each time so as to fully meet the customer’s expectations.

The third group is furniture dedicated to private houses and apartments. A private apartment or house is an oasis of peace for its inhabitants. We pay special attention to functionality, aesthetics and quality control in the implementation of this type of project. Our goal is to make our furniture significantly increase the quality and comfort of living in your home.

Furniture for the office

We feel very comfortable with the implementation of office solutions. A productive atmosphere and a good spirit of the company are satisfied employees, our task is to make every effort to ensure that our projects contribute to the achievement of this goal. When designing, we pay special attention to the ergonomics and aesthetics of our solutions ideally suited to your needs.

As part of our offer, we implement, among others

  • employee furniture
  • cabinet furniture
  • reception desks
  • conference tables
  • office kitchens
  • acoustic systems

Furniture for hotels

  • Reception: custom-made furniture, chairs, tables, pouffes, sofas, shelves, furniture, decorations, curtains, curtains, curtain rods, decorative pillows.
  • Conference rooms: tables, chairs, shelves, wardrobes, bookcases, curtains and curtains with curtain rails.
  • Hotel rooms: wardrobes, tables, chairs, armchairs, tables, desks, pouffes, sofas, beds, decorations, curtains and curtains with curtain rails.
  • Apartments: fitted kitchens, wardrobes, tables, chairs, chests of drawers, shelves, armchairs, tables, desks, pouffes, sofas, beds, decorations, curtains and curtains with curtain rails.
  • Dining rooms: tables, chairs, cabinets, custom-made furniture, buffets, etc.
  • VIP room: personalized cabinets, kitchenette, exclusive furniture, shelves, sofas, tables, etc …

Furniture for restaurants and cafes

Restaurant furniture includes furniture such as tables, coffee tables, chairs, bar lounges, chests of drawers, display cabinets, receptions, and bar counters.

Custom-made furniture for your home

Custom-made furniture is a guarantee of the perfect use of space and the possibility of your own creation. We advise, design, manufacture and install individual solutions. We make:

  • Custom-made kitchens
  • Wardrobes
  • Wardrobes
  • Bathroom furniture

We are characterized by flexibility, fast implementation and competitive prices.