We design and implement solutions for commercial zones

We design, manufacture and implement solutions for commercial zones. Regardless of whether you are opening a small local shop, need furniture for the duty-free zone at the airport or a shopping island for the gallery, you’ve come to the right place.

First, we analyze the client’s needs, analyze the process of acquiring and managing the client in the case under study. Then we present a number of suggestions for improving off-line and online retail sales. We advise on how to increase the value of existing customers and attract new ones. Then, in close cooperation, we create a conceptual model and then develop an implementation method based on it.

Positive perception of a given brand translates into higher sales. In the current era of dynamic development of the retail industry in the field of e-commerce, a traditional store must offer the consumer something more than scanning the purchases brought to the checkout and accepting payment for them. The biggest challenge facing a brand is to create a relationship with the customer by ensuring a pleasant experience and positive associations with its product.

The current trends in the retail / retail market result directly from the environment in which the consumer shapes his expectations and makes purchasing decisions.

We are a producer of Shop-in-shop solutions including, inter alia, commercial islands. Nowadays, the sales process is not only based on the product corresponding to the customer’s needs, but also their appropriate exposure to other offers. This is of particular importance in a shopping mall or market. The customer is attacked from various sides by a multitude of incentives and offers, and the lack of effective display of the goods may result in its overlooking.

Customers attacked by a variety of incentives may easily overlook an insufficiently effective display of goods, which is possible thanks to investments in such promotional elements as shopping islands, trade stands or other possibilities of displaying our customers’ products.


Islands and trade stands are an excellent tool for displaying goods in a supermarket or shopping mall. The task of this type of solution is an effective way to attract the attention of customers and lead to the desired process of purchasing displayed goods. Our area of activity is the creation of this type of solutions from A to Z, including the development and assembly of commercial stands.


We like challenges. We implement ambitious and more complex projects. We have experience in the design and implementation of entire halls and sales zones. With this type of project, we support our clients at every stage of the project development. When we receive a given area of the zone, we prepare the design, then we produce individual elements according to the schedule, and finally install the finished design on time.