What we do?

At POSLINE, we have been creating with passion and full commitment for many years:

  • POS materials
  • Retail & Store solutions
  • furniture for offices, hotels and homes
  • dedicated solutions

Many years of experience and acquired expert knowledge allowed us to create a comprehensive project implementation process that allows you to quickly and effectively go through all its stages.


In order to provide you with the highest quality services, we have equipped our machine park with modern, precise and fast machines.

  • laser cutting
  • thermoforming

We operate in harmony with nature!


We have a modern, highly efficient gas extraction system, which has been specially designed to remove dust generated during laser processing. It neutralizes harmful vapors and precipitated substances in 99.9%, making us act in harmony with nature and avoid environmental pollution. Eliminates odors generated in the cutting process, ensures safe laser operation and a clean environment!



Our laser has a working area of 1680 x 2510 millimeters and is perfect for cutting large-format materials such as plexiglass, acrylic, plywood, textiles, cardboard and more. Innovative drive technology and its rigid design make the SP2000 ready for 24/7 production. Four-sided access allows unlimited unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting.

We are eco and we care about the environment! We have a filter that neutralizes 99.9% of harmful fumes produced during the laser cutting process.

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  • cnc milling
  • wrapping
  • cutting



Our CNC milling machine has a working area of 2.2 x 4.1 meters and is perfect for working with wood and wood derived materials.

Our milling machine is distinguished by:

  • high precision and repeatability of machining,
  • perfect edge after cutting,
  • optimization of slab cuts using an efficient nesting algorithm,
  • fast drilling and milling in one panel mounting,
  • possibility of side drilling and cutting under the note,
  • making hard furniture elements ready for gluing (without the need for a pre-milling cutter)

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HOLZHER Tectra 6120 Power

We have equipped our modern machine park with a panel saw with a pressure beam by HOLZHER from the Holzher CUT 6120 series with a power of 15kW, which is characterized by precision and aesthetic cutting of various materials without tearing or nicks. The saw is equipped with an innovative machine control system. High power generators ensure very high productivity and great flexibility with extreme performance. The maximum cutting width we can make is 4250 mm, while the maximum cutting length is 4400 mm. The maximum cutting height is 95 mm.

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We use the modern SPRINT 1329 edgebander. The exceptional strength of HOLZ HER SPRINT lies in the rational and perfect finishing of various profiles in one workflow. The device is equipped with narrow plane milling stations. This aggregate eliminates the smallest visible tears in the material. Veneers narrow edges with a standotron, PVC, ABS, makes corners and sticks solid wood panels up to 8 mm. Attention to every detail ensures high quality of our end products.



In our machine park we have a very efficient FELDER FORMAT-4 KAPPA 550E sliding table saw with a power of 7.5 kW and a boom table 1250 x 650 mm. Thanks to the use of high-quality metal alloys, cast iron and aluminum alloys, we are able to provide you with the highest quality service. Our device is characterized by the highest precision and the control from the digital display position allows for instant configuration and handling of your orders.

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We also have a second very efficient format saw FELDER K470S. The maximum cutting height is 140mm. The intelligent rip fence ensures impressive machine productivity. The K 740 is also ideal for machining non-metals, plastics and composite materials. Our device is characterized by the highest precision and productivity, which in terms of ratio guarantees immediate service of your orders.

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  • polygraphic preparation
  • digital print
  • eco solvent printing
  • UV printing


Hybrydowy ploter UV Liyu Platinum Q2

We have a hybrid universal plotter for printing both flexible materials from a roll as well as heavy, flat media with a thickness of up to 50 mm. Our plotter offers printing at a resolution of up to 2880 dpi with an impressive speed of up to 90 m2 / h. In addition, white ink with varnish enables the printing of large surfaces with impressive visual effects in the form of gloss and embossing.

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Large format plotter TrueVIS VF2 – 640

Our large-format plotter with unprecedentedly rich colors with vivid and natural colors, provided by TR2 inks in as many as five configurations, including new green and orange ink. The plotter ensures perfect quality in the production of all types of large-format graphics at a resolution of 1200 DPI.

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