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We create a full range of POS materials. Whether you need a simple display or a complex interactive sales area. Our POS materials will help activate your sales. We provide support at every stage of project development in concept creation, 3D modeling, design, production and installation.

Comprehensive knowledge of market trends, technological and IT solutions, allows us to create dedicated solutions, perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. Working with our clients, we help them increase the attractiveness of their products, and most importantly, significantly increase their brand recognition and sales.

When designing, we emphasize innovation. We combine what is old and proven with what is pioneering and modern. We use plastics, metal in combination with wood enriching products with modern digital solutions. We make sure that the final product is thought through to the smallest detail. Based on years of experience and knowledge, we take into account all aspects of sales psychology, the best technologies and materials to achieve a unique marketing message.

We will help you comprehensively implement your POS campaign

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  • Are you looking for a reliable business partner that will comprehensively handle your project and deliver it throughout Europe or just a selected region?
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Implementation - Assembly

We produce a full range of POSM materials. Below you will find a description of some of them:

  • Stands– standing advertising items can be made of both cardboard and more durable materials such as plywood, plastic or metal.
  • Hanger– a hanging form of advertising that most often displays a brand or product logo
  • Pusher– otherwise known as a product pusher, they are often used when displaying products of small size (such as nail polish). Their idea is to make sure that the product is always on the edge of the shelf. By taking out one product, another one from the queue is moved into its place.
  • Wobbler– a movable form of advertising attached to the edge of the rack
  • Flyer stand– a stand of any shape such as a product. Its purpose is to encourage the customer to pick up a leaflet and, through it, learn about the desired topic

Product mock-ups- a model of the product made to scale

Regardless of the size of the solution you need. Whether you have a specific vision or just an outline of it you have come to the right place. We specialize in creating solutions ideally suited to your needs. In our productions we focus on high quality, interesting design and efficiency of the solution.

Types of POSM advertising materials in our offer


Functional store counters


Loading display




Dispensers for the counter




Floor stands


Light boxes, semaphores, ledons


Sales Zones


Trade stands and islands


Store displays

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